Sunday, October 26, 2008


Is it wrong of me to want to be close to a heart that makes me smile,
Hands that embrace me,
Faith that makes me walk for miles?

Would you judge me if I clung to love that made my soul leap,
Hope that chased my fears,
Patience that made me rise from a messy mound?

Maybe I am searching for too much too soon,
Begging questons that need not be answered,
Biting off more than I can chew,
Rending sinews anew....

You are my solace
You odd wretched thing,
You who in the same breath beckons and banishes.
In the labyrinth of you I have found my heart's rest
And nolonger do I roam baseless and seemingly abandoned.

Oh, but you will be the death of me!
For where you build, also do you tear down,
Where you plant, also do you scatter weed that strangles and suffocates...

You give me a voice
Then stifle it when I try to sing,
Ask me to drink from your boundless well
Then dip poison in the very drops I sip....

I cannot bear your heartless torture,
It tears me apart.

Still, I can never, ever leave you.


Basics said...

Not too bad at all Dusk
and seriously speaking...
how've you been?

The dare-devil said...

I've odd really, tryna find my footing, tripping alot..... All those things that drive me crazy. I'm good tho, for the most part

Esquire of the mountain said...

Ahh those two last two paragraphs tell a tale i am well familiar with...
I love you
I kill you

islander said...

starting to see parts of me through your thoughts....i'm glad you are writing again:-)

the antipop said...

the bad boy syndrome huh?

The dare-devil said...

@ antipop: Munange, c'est ma vie

Josh said...

Hmmm... have faith, just some faith.

otherwise, i love the poem...speaks to me.

Josh said...

And hung in there...

Alesi said...

Never say 'never'! Aren't they such cruel bastards and don't we just love them for it!?!?!? But there will reach a breaking point. Either he reforms or you walk. It will happen, take it from me!