Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday blues

It's fucking cold, I stayed up late completing a project that my laptop successfully gobbled up. So much for sleepless nights! My eyes are smarting, I have to do another sleepless night today to work on the project again and as if that's not enough, I older today. Ok, maybe that's not such a bad thing but I shall rant as I please whether I mean it or not..........

Anyhow, just wanted to say:
Happy fucking birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*blowing out candles then sighing sadly*

P.S: Don't you dare tell me to think positive!


antipop said...

do not get ahead of yourself now, imagining that we have your best interests at heart telling you to think positive and all that. infact, if you start to think positive, there willbe no more awesome posts to devour. so be evil all you want young lady!

note how i have totally ignored that it is your birthday and all

Josh said...

Happy birthday!

@Antipop: :)

Anonymous said...

Happy BD.

Antipop haha

The dare-devil said...

@ antipop: Lol. Your heart it proly breaking because of my pain, it's ok if you don't admit it though, I understand....

@ Josh and sunshine: Thank you, it actually ended quite beautifully