Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why aren't you listening to me?

They lay on the bed; legs entwined, scents mingling. The tension as they gazed in each other’s eyes was magnetic, the energy contagious. In that moment, all that she could see was him; all she could see was her. He touched he face tenderly then leaned in to kiss her. It was meant to be chaste, like a goodnight kiss but the charge of it seemed to take them both by surprise. They were in that place of oblivion and pleasure. Clothes were torn off in wanton haste as if to have them on beyond that moment would be death in itself. Hands strayed, at first touching gingerly then boldly places they’d only visited in their minds. Seconds seemed endless as their bodies called to each other, urgently, feverishly going well past the place of human restraint to a place that not even their minds could fully conceptualize. Lips on lips, fingertips on fingertips, skin on skin, the embrace of the sexes……. Then they begun to climb; higher, fuller, faster, freer

I sat there, unmindful of the heat emitting from their charged bodies, unaware of the creaking of wood with each movement they made, of the sighs of pleasure from their lovemaking…..

As if in a trance I sat there, at the edge of the bed asking over and over
“Why aren’t you listening to me?”
As I went on and on about the odd this and the random that.

At least that’s how she says her dream played out. So, if dreams are a manifestation of our subconscious, what the heck?!


Baz said...

First of all socks.

Second of all, wow.

For crying out loud, can't I for once have something more to say? But I don't want to be as if flippant or as if all curatorial and then change the tone of the whole... Ah. You read and enjoy the post stop reading comments. Take your seconds.

Josh said...

Hmmm...Intense.Great. I. Like.

Basiks said...

Mad Mad Skillz FBM!!
DareDevil rocks!